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Food Styling & Photography

You eat with your eyes before you eat with your mouth. So it is always important that food looks as delicious as it tastes. Beyond creating my own recipes, I style and photograph the food I make and the products I use. I have partnered with many different companies, incorporating their products into my recipes. I have provided styling and photography services for companies that specialize in coffee, honey, and olive oil, and am eager to expand to a broader range of foods as well as kitchen essentials. So whether your company specializes in food or the products used to prepare and serve it, hire me to create content to use for social media and your website. I’ll be sure your foods look as delicious as it tastes, and bring elegance to utility with my styling and photography services.


Curated Platters

Have an event, wedding, party, birthday, or social gathering coming up? Let me know how many people and what type of platters you would like and I’ll prepare specific to your request.


Events and Private Catering

One of the most delightful joys of the culinary world is creating memorable food experiences for social gatherings. I take particular pleasure in customizing food experiences to suit various social functions, whether they be lavish or intimate, elegant or casual:

•  Intimate dinner parties: I will create the menu to your specifications and prepare the meals ahead of time for you to serve to your guests or prepare the meals at the location of the dinner party.

•  Intimate special occasions: If you’re looking for a truly unique dining experience to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or similar special event, I will provide a customized meal perfectly suited to the occasion, prepared ahead of time and ready for you to serve at your convenience, or prepare the meal at the specific location.

• Event catering: Let me supply your holiday party, bridal or baby shower, birthday celebration, retirement party, or similar social function with the perfect array of appetizers to satisfy each and every guest.

• Cooking classes: Whether you’re looking for a unique way to spend time with friends or are simply interested in learning how to expand your cooking skills in a group environment, my cooking classes are the perfect fit for small groups. I supply the ingredients and beverages, and everyone enjoys a self-made meal after the lesson is complete.