Hello and welcome!

I love food! Growing up on a farm outside of Portland, Oregon, my mom had a large garden with an abundance of fruits and veggies. Now living in Venice Beach, California, I'm lucky to be able to shop at farmers markets for produce year round. I believe the best dishes typically consist of simple ingredients of the best quality, so buying quality food and using what is in season are my keys to creating the tastiest dishes. I have always enjoyed trying new restaurants to inspire the meals I cook at home, and I strive to create dishes that are healthy as well as packed with flavor. I hope you enjoy trying my recipes!

In addition to providing tasty, healthy recipes, I invite you to consider hiring me for your next dinner party, event, or customized prepared meal! Throughout my more than 10 years in the culinary field, I have been a server in top-tier restaurants, performed a full range of services for catering companies, taught cooking classes, and studied photography throughout college. There is rarely a time that I am not reading about food, recipes, or dietary health. And all the meals I prepare are my own recipes, with organic ingredients that are locally sourced from farmers markets or neighborhood grocery stores. This is the experience, skill, and culinary practice I bring to all of the services I provide!

So if you want to have a few friends over for a meal but don't know how to cook, or want to have a big party but don't want to be stuck in the kitchen, or you work all day and don't have time to shop and prepare dinner but would love healthy meals delivered right to your door, contact me at peasthankyou@gmail.com and let’s talk about how my recipes and services can best fit your needs!